Quality characteristics



Our beef patty at Goody’s Burger House is produced in Greece using a traditional recipe. That's why it rocks! The delicious meat is kneaded with breadcrumbs, egg, spices and herbs based on a secret recipe, which add to our burgers their characteristic taste people choose and love for many years now. Our burgers contain no preservatives and artificial colors.

Our burgers are prepared exclusively on the grill to add to the burger the full flavor of freshly cooked meat. It is highly important that we are aware of the necessary information about each burger throughout the process, "from farm to fork", in order to ensure its quality characteristics and its unique taste. The meat used in our burgers is 100% beef meat from selected whole meat parts. Animal feed is made from plant-based and non-genetically modified foodstuff.



The chicken that we use in our classic, favorite nuggets, as well as in the breaded fillet of the delicious chicken burgers, comes from the most tender inner fillets of the chicken breast. That’s the reason for the divine taste of Goody’s Burger House chicken nuggets.

The chicken used in our classic, beloved nuggets, as well as in the breaded chicken fillets of our delicious chicken burgers, comes from the most tender inner fillets of the chicken breast. That’s the reason for the divine taste of the Goody’s Burger House chicken nuggets.

The chicken does not contain any preservatives or artificial colors. Our group of chefs have made our own unique recipe for breading the chicken, which is specially prepared with herbs, to add this unsurpassed taste and crispness to our nuggets and crispy chicken burgers. This is the reason, why they are fried only on demand, so that they are always fresh, crispy and absolutely delicious!



Of course, our fluffy buns also have their own recipe. Their secret is hidden in a recipe containing Greek flour, sunflower oil and milk. The delicious brioche used in our Extreme and Angus burgers is made based on the traditional French recipe, giving our buns this characteristic crust, sweet taste and velvety texture. Whole grain baguettes are rich in fiber and are baked daily in our stores.

french fries


Just between us, there is no burger without fries. The perfect side dish to our burgers (and not only) are the unique French fries of Goody’s Burger House! They are delicious, crunchy and full of flavor - because they’re made exclusively for Goody’s from unique European potato varieties, and whole potatoes containing no preservatives. The oil and the frying time used in our stores also contribute to highlighting their quality and characteristics.

It is also noteworthy that our Country Style potatoes are a source of fiber. If you have not tried them yet, do not waste any time and order these delicious Country Style potatoes.



Ketchup, pickle sauce and mayonnaise … can really lift up the flavor of all the delicious ingredients they touch. Who does not know about the legendary Goody’s sauces! You can find out everything about our sauces, but the secret of their success ... is a secret!

Our ketchup is produced under a classic recipe with onion and garlic, thus creating its rich taste. The secret recipe of the pickle sauce, which we developed from the beginning and remains unchanged over time, proves its unsurpassed taste due to the freshness and quality of the raw materials we use, in order for you to enjoy the unique taste it adds to the classic Cheese burger we all love! Finally, the original mayonnaise of our own production, as all our sauces, has a velvety texture due to the ingredients, which do not contain artificial colors and flavors.



The vegetables in our salads are produced in Greece from crops complied with the Good Agricultural Practice standards for the protection of consumers. In our salads we use exclusively extra virgin olive oil.

The variety of our salads may be consumed as a complete meal, rich in nutrients, due to the ingredients they contain: - The colorful vegetables are rich in vitamins and fibers - Adding chicken or bacon increases protein intake - Adding cheese to a salad increases calcium intake. Our salads are prepared to contain all of the above-mentioned ingredients. Caesar’s salads with crispy chicken and bacon and Goody’s salads are ideal as a complete meal, as they contain fresh greens and a variety of ingredients, such as cherry tomatoes, bacon and edam cheese. If you are a fan of salads, then be sure to try the fresh salads with quinoa and vegetables or penne and chicken.

ham and cheese

Cheese & cold Cuts

It is widely known that a good cheese may enhance a burger’s flavor. The cheese used in our burgers is the edam cheese, specially selected for its taste, which in combination with the other ingredients that make up our burgers perfects their taste. In addition, the melted cheddar cheese gives a characteristic color and taste and creates this sense of full flavor.

You can try the melted cheddar cheese in our two unique burgers, the Hangover burger and the Cheddar Bacon burger, which you will definitely love. Furthermore, our new Extreme Loaded burgers are made up with beef patties stuffed with delicious cheddar cheese. Finally, we choose a traditional Greek feta cheese of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Our cold cuts are of the highest quality standards, and in particular the ham is produced from whole pork leg and the bacon is made from 100% pork pancetta.